L'héritage Vallée Du Loir (4)L'héritage Vallée Du Loir (4)
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The history of cycling in Loir Valley

The history of cycling in Loir Valley

For many years Loir Valley has a particular attraction for the development of this mean of transport used by many generations ! From the creation of “Rustine” to the new establishment of the firm Neomouv, cycling definitively plays a big part in the territory’s economy.

The story of the Rustin company

Who hasn’t heard of the “Rustines” patch, a small piece of rubber used to patch punctures on inner tubes or other inflatable objects? “Rustines” was invented in the Loir Valley.

The story of the famous Rustines patches is the story of a family, one that began in 1922 when Louis Désiré Auguste Rustin, an enthusiastic cyclist and inventor, patented his small self-adhesive, puncture patches. Supported by brilliant marketing ahead of its time, with race sponsorship, packaging and striking slogans, “Rustines” became a hit and the word even entered into everyday language. Today, as in the past, the company is based in La Chartre-sur-le-Loir.


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Louis Rustin, great grandson of the inventor, has brilliantly managed to keep the family business from going off the rails. The focus is still on rubber manufacturing but in the form of high-tech seals for under and overground trains: the London tube, the Spanish high speed train, and San Diego and Californian trains all use Rustines technology. With its indomitable spirit, industrial flair, expertise and an added dose of passion, the company continues to pursue its goals, even organising a “Rustines-Vallée du Loir” race in 2017.

Entreprise Rustin – 72340 La Chartre sur le Loir – www.rustines.fr


L'héritage Vallée Du Loir (2)L'héritage Vallée Du Loir (2)
©L'héritage Vallée Du Loir (2)

The bicycle rally “L’héritage” on July 20th and 21st in Grand Lucé

Every year, the “Heritage” bike rally wends its way through the Loir Valley. To participate in this ride, there is just one requirement: you need to ride a bike made before 1991 and wear a retro outfit. This year, there are 2 routes available: the first is a 100 km circuit for more seasoned cyclists and the second, a 35 km circuit where you can ride at your own pace with family and friends.

More information here : Rallye vélo l’Héritage

Neomouv, electric is famous !

Néomouv which is based in la Flèche is a French manufacturer of Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles  (EAPC). Contrary to popular belief, far from being a bike reserved exclusively for the “idle” or old, the EAPC is a quiet, eco-friendly mode of transport, popular with all types, that allows you to cover long distances, including hills, taking the hassle and stress out of your journey. Of the 120,000 EAPCs sold each year in France, 10,000 are made by Néomouv. This 10-person company is ranked in the top 5 of French EAPC brands and exports to Belgium, Spain, the UK, Greece and Scandinavian countries. With its trendy bike designs and original colours – coral, champagne, sea-green, cerise pink etc. Néomouv is the embodiment of La Flèche’s success on the international stage.

More information : www.neomouv.fr