Prairies en Vallée du Loir (Dissay)Prairies en Vallée du Loir (Dissay)
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"Discovering nature with the Loir, is like uncovering a secret : astonishing, exhilarating and revitalizing"

At 40kms north from Loire Valley : Loir Valley is a colourful discreet paradis, magical lights, singular places … with a lot of typical villages and stunning meadows.

The Loir, a meandering river that forms natural loops along its entire length, lends a human dimension to the valley, bringing a mild climate with more hours of sunshine than neighbouring regions.

Bercé Forest, in the vicinity of Jupilles, north of Château-du-Loir, forms the green heart of the Loir Valley. Its exceptional features have led to it being declared an: exceptional forest.

There is no shortage of hiking trails here; wonderful trails that reveal the full beauty of the countryside. The Loir Valley is an exclusive hiking destination that is worth visiting for its walks alone.


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