Safari Lodge Zoo La Flèche (1)Safari Lodge Zoo La Flèche (1)
©Safari Lodge Zoo La Flèche (1)|Stevan Lira - OTVL
Would you like to spend a night at

Zoo de La Flèche ?

Sleeping in the zoo de La Flèche is possible !!!

Since 2013, the zoo de La Flèche has established in the park lodges so that you can sleep among the animals. Every year new accomadations are created to enable you to spend an unforgettable night.

Safari Lodge Zoo La Flèche (2)Safari Lodge Zoo La Flèche (2)
©Safari Lodge Zoo La Flèche (2)|Stevan Lira - OTVL

14 lodges to spend an unforgettable night

As a family, between friends or in couple, Zoo de La Flèche lodges offer high standing services. You will be disoriented and immediately plunged into the world created around the lodges. There is something for everyone.

Sleeping facing grizzly bears

Big spaces, conifer forest, waterfall … Canada as though you were there with 2 lodges “Yukon” and “Beaver Creek”. From your living room or your patio you will look at grizzly bears.

Sleeping facing white wolves

Do you want to sleep in a chalet in pine or in a hut of trapper ? Plunge into the Far North atmosphere with 2 lodges “Hudson” and “Alaska” surrounded by the Arctic wolf pack.

Sleeping facing lemur

Inspired from the African continent, the 3 lodges “Mangoro”, “Malagasy” and “Tana” will allow you to spend the night a few meters above the ground. You will be able to look at lemur from your suspended patio.

Sleeping facing white tigers

In this space inspired from Asia (rice field, bamboo …), the 2 lodges “Bali” and “Sumatra” will invite you to travel. You will be able to look from your living room, your room or your patio at white tigers.

Sleeping facing polar bears

A 120m2 lodge, luxuous, facing polar bears is waiting for you at the Artic Lodge. Calmly sitting in front of an open fire or in a jacuzzi, you will be the only one facing polar bears.

Sleeping facing lions

Finally, the 4 last lodges will take you again in an African atmosphere. You will find yourself in one to one with lions.