P1044925A la poursuite du temps caché
©A la poursuite du temps caché|Jérôme Fihey du Le Crabe Fantôme
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A la poursuite du temps caché

“After the discovery of a mysterious unknown dormouse species, the professor Olafur Olafsson is called to study them. He is going to do an incredible discovery : these little dormouse feed with time ! They swallow the memory contained in some materials and use it to extend their lifespan. Thereby, they allow us to discover new information on Loir Valley …”

Teaser - A la Poursuite du Temps Caché
Teaser - A la Poursuite du Temps Caché
Teaser - A la Poursuite du Temps Caché

Apppointment in historic places to find dormouse hidden in old stones or trees. Thanks to the digital tools created by the professor and his assistant, you can scan their memories, without catching or disturbing them, to discover the secrets of these places.

Go to Carnuta, House of Men and Forest, dormouse will reveal how it was before the forest … Then cross the “sentier du vivier” to find dormouses hidden among the trees !

  • In Saint-Vincent du Lourouër (in the church)

Let yourself tell the story of Saint-Vincent-du-Lorouër’s villagers from painted portraits on the church’s vault. Their name, their jobs, their history … you will learn more about them thanks to dormouses !

  • In Château-l’Hermitage (in the church)

Find all the dormouse hidden in the church and discover how was the priory at the XVIIth century.

  • In Luché-Pringé (in Saint Martin’s church)

Dormouse have kept the memory of sculptors who have made the wonderful statues that you can see in the church. Discover their work !

  • In Moulin de la Bruère in La Flèche

Dormouse around the mill will reveal the changes of the landscape, of the mill and of the atmosphere through centuries.

Free & easy to get to

Take your phone or your laptop to search for dormouses.

No connection or internet contract needed to go in search of hidden time !

Appointment on the 5 places previously named, log in the local WIFI and follow the instructions.