Nicolas Pinquier, souffleur de verre à Poncé-sur-LoirNicolas Pinquier, souffleur de verre à Poncé-sur-Loir
©Nicolas Pinquier, souffleur de verre à Poncé-sur-Loir|Jean-Philippe Berlose
the art of

glass blowers

Let yourself be taken in a dreamlike world through the colourful, transparent, multicoloured, sparkling glass born from sand and fire. Discover the artisanal work of men and women who express their art through glass shaping.


The art of glass blowers

Many creations in different shapes and colours reveal the talent of glass blowers, discover this art !

Glass blowing allows to make hollow volumes, mirrors, windows pane with a glass blowers’ stick.

 It is with this stick that the glass blower starts his work by taking a mass of molten glass. Then he levels this mass on a marble table, it is called “paraison“.

 Then, with a short breath, he creates an air bubble in the glass and with the continuous breath method he will shape it.
 The glass blower will add as he wishes colours with the friction with pigments or other matters to tint his work.

After different modelling steps, the glass blower will strike a little the glass to free it from its stick. Then he can add other ornaments like handles or relieves.

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