Randonnée visite à Thorée-les-Pins (Vallée du Loir)Randonnée visite à Thorée-les-Pins (Vallée du Loir)
©Randonnée visite à Thorée-les-Pins (Vallée du Loir)|Jean-Philippe Berlose


Loir Valley has many hiking paths crossing through countrysides, orchards, vineyards and forest allowing occasional and expert hikers to discover all its wealth.

Short walks

There are short walks of one hour in the villages and in the forest for occasional hikers


Hike through vineyards

Distance : 8 km 

Start : Marçon 

Difference in height or level : 0 m  

Time : 2h 

Difficulty level : Easy

Starting in Marçon, go off to discover Loir Valley’s vineyards on this route created by residents of ANAIS home, established in this village.


Le château de Gallerande

Distance : 10 km 

Start : Saint-Jean-de-la-Motte 

Difference between height or level: 0 m 

Time : 2h30 

Difficulty level : Easy

This walk will take you through Château de Gallerande’s wood and will offer you a remarkable view on Loir Valley.


Between small valley and the forest of Bercé

Distance : 15 km 

Start : Verneil-le-Chétif 

Difference between height or level : 0 m 

Time : 4h 

Difficulty level : Easy

A hike between small valley and the forest of Bercé : look at the rural heritage of Verneil-le-Chétif before reaching its countryside. Hollow paths and small valleys will take you to the discovery of Bercé’s forest land.


The sacred small wood

Distance : 10.8 km 

Start : Luceau 

Difference between height or level : 0 m 

Time : 2h30 

Difficulty level : Easy

Discover the surroundings of the village through nice paths.


 Saint-Thibault’s route

Distance : 7.4 km 

Start : Château-l’Hermitage 

Difference between height or level : 0 m 

Time : 2h 

Dificulty level : Easy

Starting in the small village of Château l’Hermitage, this walk will take you through perfectly maintained paths in the heart of a preserved countryside.


Loir’s bank paths

Distance : 10 km 

Start : Luché-Pringé 

Difference between height or level : 0m 

Time : 3h 

Difficulty level : Easy

Along Loir’s bank paths, and getting to the height of the village, discover its protected heritage : Mervé’s mill, château de Gallerande, the church and presbytery of Pringé and the church and village centre of Luché.


Vauperon routes

Distance : 9.5 km 

Start : Dissay-sous-Courcillon 

Differece of height or level : 0m 

Time : 2h30 

Difficulty level : Easy

Follow Long’s valley and discover the château de Courcillon which gave its name to the village.

 We will suggest the expert hikers to take long distance hike paths which cross the region.


Long distance hike

 GR 35 « du Perche au Loir ». 

GR 36 « de la Normandie aux Pyrénées en passant par le sud Sarthe pour les baroudeurs ». 

Le GR 365 from Sillé-le-Guillaume (north Sarthe) to Durtal. 

Prepare for hiking

A piece of advice to enjoy our paths

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A lot of equipments offers, infrastructures, and hiking paths of quality are offered to hikers, to help you preparing your hike here is a list of suggestions :