Château D'hodebert 23 (large)Château D'hodebert 23 (large)
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Discover the heritage of Loir Valley

Discover the castles

At least 140 castles and manors, private houses and still occupied, flourish in Loir Valley. More nice leisure houses than medieval fortress, they are nestled in the center of large gardens and parks. Many of them were rebuilt after the Hundred Years’ War, in the second half of the XVth century, and at the Renaissance. Often situated near old highways and crossroads or on the Loir’s bank, these vast domains in tuffeau stone or in rubble stones coated with ochre (mixture of whitewash and sand) are usually covered with slate.

The Château du Lude

Château du Lude, the most northerly of the Loire châteaux is one of the few châteaux that is still inhabited and has been in the same family for 260 years. This fabulous building reflects four centuries of French architecture, starting life as a defensive fortress before its gradual transformation to an elegant property during the course of the Renaissance and 18th century. Adults and children alike will be captivated by the maze, stables, underground passages, kitchens and library… You’ll encounter no end of lovely surprises during your walk.

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 The Château de Poncé sur le loir

The château de Poncé, a Renaissance style building, constructed from tuffeau stone, looks a little like Azay-le-Rideau. Its central staircase, which is typical of the period, has straight flights of stairs with landings and a remarkable, carved, coffered ceiling. And behind the château you’ll find a vast, 3-storey structure: the Caroline terrace.

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The Château de Bazouges

Despite looking like a Medieval fortress, château de Bazouges-sur-le-Loir has a gentle, poetic quality, attributable no doubt to its Italian-style gardens and its dramatic cedar tree, planted during the time of Charles X.

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