Apothicairerie BaugéApothicairerie Baugé
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The Loir Valley which is best known for the Vallée du Loir à vélo cycle route, its vineyards and La Flèche zoo, is teeming with tourists site and unusual places open to visitors. Come and discover them for yourselves: from the apothecary and the Halle-au-Blé theatre in La Flèche to the twisted steeples of the Baugeois region.


The Apothecary’s shop in Baugé

The hôtel Dieu apothecary in Baugé, a listed monument with wood panelling, a starry vaulted ceiling and marquetry flooring, is considered one of the most beautiful in France. On the Louis XIII-style oak shelving, 650 wooden boxes, pill pots and containers made from pottery, glass and tin, take pride of place. Some of them may even contain their original, ancient remedies… Goats’ blood, powdered wood lice, crayfish eyes and mummified fingers etc.

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Théâtre de la Halle au Blé

This small 19th century Italian-style theatre, a truly exquisite and genuine architectural gem, was restored in 1999. Today it is one of France’s last seven remaining Italian-style theatres dating back to the first half of the 19th century. You’ll be amazed by its elegant architecture and magnificent décor.

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 Archaeological Site of Aubigné-Racan

The archaeological site of Cherré is an old Gallo-Roman complex which features the remains of four remarkable monuments: a theatre, a market-forum, a temple and a bathhouse. No residence has been found nearby and the mystery of the site remains unsolved. The site, which is a listed historic monument as well as an environmentally sensitive area, hosts numerous events throughout the year. Free access.

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The mysterious church towers

Strange spires punctuate the Angevin skyline – it’s a most peculiar sight. Spires, clad in deep blue slate that are pointed and – you’ve guessed it – twisted! Explore these  twisted spires, unique to the Baugeois region, using a free route planner.


my heart will go in my favorite city

A number of towns and villages in France claim to have housed Henri IV for a night but only La Flèche can claim to be in possession of his heart and that of his queen, Marie de Médicis. Their hearts were burnt during the Revolution but the ashes were retrieved and returned to the town where they are displayed in  Saint-Louis du Prytanée church, in accordance with King Henri’s own wishes:  “[… they will come and take our hearts and transport them to the church of the so-called Collège de La Flèche…”]