Zoo La Fleche Credit S Cordier (large)Zoo La Fleche Credit S Cordier (large)
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Our favorite places inZoo de La Flèche

Our favorite places in the zoo

Polar bears, giraffe, white lions, everyone has his favourite animal and his area at the zoo de La Flèche. We give you here the must-see spaces and the activities that will fill the entire family.

Every year, the zoo de la Flèche arrange new spaces to diversify its offer. In 2019, visitors will be able to admire Sumatra tigers in underwater vision. Huge patio doors are installed in this new rolling space of 2600m2 recreating the Indonesian forest to allow the observation of 2 tigers.

New lodges are also going to be installed in 2019 at the zoo de La Flèche : 2 in the new space dedicated to Sumatra tigers and 2 in front of cheetah.

1 ) The Asian plains

Set up in 2017, the Asianplains is located at the other side of the park. Far from the crowd, you will walk among Indian rhinoceros, the main species of this area. During the discovery of this area, you will be able to admire antilopes, otters swimming in a natural river, siamangs, and let yourself be surprised by the huge aviary of 500m2 filled with a hundred of rainbow lory which will thrill people who are found of enclosed immersion.

2 ) Nosy Komba

At the center of the park, you will be directly taken to Madagascar. The entire family will be able to walk and discover NosyKomba, the lemur isle where maki cattas and black and white varis are strolling at liberty. This area of 2000m2 also greets turtles, about sixty birds and pink flamingos.

3) Elephants

Before finishing your visit of the park, you absolutly have to stop in front of the African elephants of the zoo. Boten and Boubou, these two elephants aged around ten years old, are two impressive males whose size can reach 4m with a tourniquet. You will be able to look at these herbivores eating bamboo, greenery, branches.

4) Shows

From Easter to October, the zoo de La Flèche offers many shows and activities. The stars of the shows are of course sea lions. Surfing, imitations, somersaults, they will surprise you during the 30 minutes show.

A few steps from the sea lion basin, you will be able to discover the birds show. Prepare yourself to see vultures pouncing on the public and brushing past the head of spectators.

During the day, you can also see reptilesand hippopotamus, penguins, polar bears or even giraffe have a snack. Fun moments to pass in family but also educational to raise awareness of animals protection among visitors. There is something for everyone.

A programme with all the events of the day is given at the park’s entrance.